Sunday, September 2, 2012

Once upon a time

.When I was 12 years old, my grandmother taught me how to sew
"A girl with golden hands will never run out of work" she said.

High tech and computers were not an option I supposed

She grew up in Istanbul, Turkey, in the early days of World War 2, the old rich uncle hides all his fortune under the tree in the backyard, and unfortunately he also went mad during the war.

The treasure location was lost and the rich family that was used to eat with sterling silver spoons turned over night to beggars.

Frankly grandmother did not care much; the rich uncle was miser anyway and she did not get much of the sterling silver food before or after the war
She was traveling around with her sewing machine up and down the stairs fixing rich people clothing.
When she arrived to Israel she did exactly the same thing only here and without the stairs part.

Teaching sawing, making garments, teaching synthetic fur teddy bears making. Filling the house with blue fur pieces, for a clean and healthy air.

And there I was, pushing the teddy bears nose to fit in place. making fabric elastic band and learning to read the endless map of green and red stripes in the Burda fashion magazine of the happy 80's.

If I wanted a new dress, I took my grandmother to see the dress in the store window; from there we took the bus to the fabric district in Tel Aviv, getting enough fabric in 2 colors to make 2 dresses;
one as I wanted (black, blue or grey) and 1 in as she wanted in Red.

Every time that I visit grandma now she always asks "what about the mannequin?" "Do you use the mannequin?"

For the matter of fact I do

Love you grandma

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  1. Inbar..
    I think we are lost sisters,
    only my grandmother was from Poland/Russia...:-)

    Same buried-under-the-tree story
    same burda green lines..
    and same yellowish picture with the palm tree in the back:-)

    Love the story, thanks for sharing!