Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Verdigris Collection

I would like to share with you a bit of what I am going through in the past few weeks
As I think it has a great impact on my work, my creations and therefore my jewelry collection that you get to wear
I spend most of the past few weeks next to my grandmother bad in the hospital and the Elderly intuition, Most of the time the things you get to see in such places makes you think how come you did not get blind yet.

It also made me think more about the meaning of jewel, the fact that people admire jewelry since the beginning of time, jewelry perceived as something timeless, ageless, that  can never be broken or ruin,that will always keep its value, compare to textile that can ruin in ravages of time and climate.

Which also lead me to think about the human body ,our own body as we preserve it to make sure it won't wrinkle anywhere, won't betray us, and won't change, and  in case it does forge a bit we can always use Photoshop.

What will happen if instead of making sure my jewel won't get tarnish, greenish or corrupted in any possible way, I will let it live, breath and grow its own corrosion to get its beautiful unique fingerprint like no one else got?
And this is the short version of how you got the Verdigris collection
To be continued... 

Forgotten with lost time 
Corrosion colors are lurking in the depth 
aging the metal treasure hiding in the dar

photograph by Rani Lurie and Hagai Nativ 

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