Monday, December 30, 2013

Create your own journey

The Journey collection is all about each wearer’s personal internal journey.
It’s about exploring, growing and cherishing the people and the places
along the way that make your journey unique, powerful and meaningful.
When you carry your box of experience, you are more prepared to face
new challenges.
When you carry your beloved ones along the way, you are stronger to face
a new reality.
The designer’s signature unique weaving technique is fashioned into
patterned boxes, each hand colored with a rustic patina touch and sealed
with wax. Each attached piece of cord represents a piece of your journey,
be it a person, experience or place .
The journey collection is designed to give a real place to keep your own
personal journey note close where ever you go

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Photograph by: Michael Topyol
Makeup artist: Nathalie arnautoff
Modeling: May Zonshain for MC2

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

There are all my sons…

I am my designs, the bigger, the smaller, the commercial and the artistic ones…

I love them all, insulted for them when they are called "last collection"…"we are still beautiful, aren't we?
Exited for the arrival of the new ones…"those are the ones that no one has ever seen before
"…I whisper to everyone around…

When I first started my business, fresh young fashion designer, I thought "who am I to travel in hot Tel Aviv, trying to sell my jewelries from door to door"…
back then it made much more sense to buy a flight ticket and a small booth at "who's Next" show in Romantic Paris the city of lights…
Standing in the hot crowd in Tel Aviv or eating A croissant in the rain…easy question right?...
This was how my export business journey really started, crazy young girl with bigger dreams then her suitcase,trying to speak Spanish (or spanglish)  in a french crowd.

All the people that I've met, every country with their culture, language, colors and style.

Parisian ladies love their black small dress, leaving them much room for tribal, colorful statement necklace to stand out with.

In England and Spain they mostly care about my Victorian lace silver collection, in a magical world where the past is the present and the future. Trust me, coming over from Israel with Celtic designs made me feel like selling ice cube for the Eskimos.

Moscow clients prefer their delicate tracery in sterling silver handmade crochet.

Sometimes it worked better…sometimes not… trust me Paisley is not a good shape for an Israeli jewel…

From Brazil and Peru, I've learn that eternal summer resulted in endless beach parties. Elegant is nice, but they like their jewelries happy in gold shiny bright.

And When I first started my traveling to the big apple, New York, the edgy urban city of style
I've learned that you can never wear too much BLACK.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Under The Pool

We had so much fun taking our photo shoots at the Theater house, we had to take it higher to the next level...
So Next thing Hagai Nativ-my talented photographer could think about was..."Let's jump into the water" and no mistake about it...It was as cold as the ocean in April.
Anat Brandes being professional as a model could possibly be…not only did not say a word about the cold…but barely tweeted when her eyes were burning red, trying to pretend that swimming under the water fully dressed is a natural habit, she did asked me for eye drops…and I mistakenly dropped ear drops into her poor eyes, hysterically funny to me, and quite burnt life experience for her...
I could bubble more and more about this once in a life time experience, but apparently that Hagai Nativ surprised us with hidden camera behind the scene

 Hmmm, and Last photo is mine…had to try living under water too…

Curious for more...Stay tune till next week...
check out for Under water scene by Hagai Nativ Professional underwater photographer right here

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Witch,the Lunatic and the healer

I would love to share with you a bit of why and when...
and this is how it start...

I studied fashion and textile design at Shenkar University in Israel, so I can actually say I have my first degree in knitting…

My final project at Shenkar raised a lot of questions that I am still dealing with over and over in my design path till now…In this project I started from single thread,created 3 clothing sets, and photographed them in their atmosphere locations...Can you recognize the model?

In early middle age days, 3 ladies are on a trial, 3 ladies are telling the same story or almost the same story, each one of them in a different place in a different time.
One of them is domed as a witch and raised to the fire
The second one is announced as a mental ill and sent to the mental institute, while the third one is announced as a holistic healer and the people follow her path.
And none of these ladies ever stop to ask why…

The healer photo was taken at the small community village where I live up north, and that is the most beautiful place in Israel, just by the Mediterranean Sea.

I think that as a final project for textile design, it is also raise the question of how do we treat textile in our heart and our lives, should a textile remain the second voice back stage, or can it raise to life, taking its place at the front of the stage?

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bright side of Life

It's been a while ago since I discover that the nice guy that live in my neighborhood, right behind my house is actually a talented photographer.
The new girl working in the kindergarten babysitting for my baby girl did seem beautiful to me right from first sight…
But nothing could really prepare me to the amazing day that we spend together at the Movie theater house in the small community village where I live...
Getting up in the morning, I packed all my jewelries, I text my photographer…"I think I have too many…"
And then just to be on the safe side…I added the box a bottle of Limoncello and Havana club Rum.
The beautiful kindergarten babysitter arrived…apparently she is 1.81 meter high, and for a small fact…she was a professional model in Italy…but she decided to leave behind the fake life and to come back to the village side…
Some days…some people you meet on the way, just make feel as luckiest as if you just found a million dollars right at your door step...
I did ask my model to play tough on the set, but I couldn't resist her beautiful smile…

With many thanks to: Hagai Nativ:Photographer,Anat Brandes: Modeling,knitwear clothing by Adva Bruner for Duende. and the sweet girl Tamar Linder who found my lost earrings on the set and returned it to my mail box…some things can only happened in community life…

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Verdigris Collection

I would like to share with you a bit of what I am going through in the past few weeks
As I think it has a great impact on my work, my creations and therefore my jewelry collection that you get to wear
I spend most of the past few weeks next to my grandmother bad in the hospital and the Elderly intuition, Most of the time the things you get to see in such places makes you think how come you did not get blind yet.

It also made me think more about the meaning of jewel, the fact that people admire jewelry since the beginning of time, jewelry perceived as something timeless, ageless, that  can never be broken or ruin,that will always keep its value, compare to textile that can ruin in ravages of time and climate.

Which also lead me to think about the human body ,our own body as we preserve it to make sure it won't wrinkle anywhere, won't betray us, and won't change, and  in case it does forge a bit we can always use Photoshop.

What will happen if instead of making sure my jewel won't get tarnish, greenish or corrupted in any possible way, I will let it live, breath and grow its own corrosion to get its beautiful unique fingerprint like no one else got?
And this is the short version of how you got the Verdigris collection
To be continued... 

Forgotten with lost time 
Corrosion colors are lurking in the depth 
aging the metal treasure hiding in the dar

photograph by Rani Lurie and Hagai Nativ