Monday, March 23, 2015

My jewelry roots

When I was 12 years old my grandmother taught me how to sew, she said "a girl with golden hands will never be left without bread on the table",
My grandmother survive financially during world war 2 in Turkey by going up and down stairs with her sawing machine, she bought her own house in Israel from a client that she was making clothing for, promised her to make her clothing for free during the next year after the purchase.

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Artist's Hands-Lea Livne

For every artist there's the clean shiny PR text that you can easily reach on Google, curriculum vitae, or should I say Ridiculum vitae… that show everyone our lists of goals achieved, list of exhibition and prizes. But what it doesn't show is the dirty hands that can't stop working, the bustling brain that can't take a rest. A busy messy studio that you can hardly find your hands and legs inside but it's impossible to throw anything away as it might be the only missing thing for our next project.

Let me introduce you to an artist I admire, I meet her in the street of my Kibbutz, look up to her thinking someday I want to be just like her, hiking Chinese mountains with sport sandals at the age of 80, and searching the beach sand every morning for a new and inspiring textures for my next art.

Lea Livne born 1935 in Israel. Member of Kibbutz Ma'agan Michael. Took art courses in Haifa, oil and water colors with Haim Naor. Completed studies at Avni Institute, with emphasis on etching under Touvia Beeri.
Art training in Paris with painter Jean Clarte of Heiter art.
Through the years, Lea developed innovative printing techniques and different ways to express them.she combines modern technology and more conventional printing methods cartons.
Recently, Lea has been using a specific etching technique; drawing on paper, combined with printing ink on different types of rollers.
With the introduction of internet sites in the art world, Lea has become associated with art centers, museums and artists associations, not only in Israel, but around the world.
Lea exhibits her work primarily in international group shows.