Thursday, March 20, 2014

Kiff Slemmons & Arte Papel Oaxaca

I've met Kiff Slemmons at the Norton Art Museum in West Palm Beach Florida last month,
And I am the proud owner of her book: "Kiff Slemmons & Arte Papel Oaxaca" 
That I would love to share with you.

The book, just as meeting Kiff in real life doesn’t begin to explain how great an Artist she is… Kiff herself is the most generous, quiet and modest artist that I've ever had the honor of meeting.

From the book:

Kiff Slemmons Joined the "arte papel oaxaea" a project founded by the artist Francisco Toledo.
It is a facility for making paper, located in the mountain village of Vista Hermosa in Mexico.
The idea of this project was to revive past technologies and provide work for the local people.
The project was based on a dependable local resource of water which were crucial to the process and renewable fiber of local plants grown in the area.
Artist invited by Toledo, worked with the artisans to create both traditional and innovative uses for the handmade paper.

Kiff Slemmons was invited to contribute her knowledge of jewelry.
She took on the challenge of designing in paper rather than metal, and came to work with the local artisans to create paper jewelry that they can reproduce. Focusing on solid production that could provide income for 
the artisans.

After having a small local exhibition in the institute of graphic arts in Oaxaca,introducing the activity of the workshop to the community, Kiff kept returning for 2-3 weeks a year, creating a strong working relationship with the woman, built on trust, mutual respect and the true pleasure and pride in the making of beautiful and unusual jewelry .
Their combined efforts and skills enabled such innovation in unusual circumstances and limited resources
I was more than proud standing next to artists like Kiff in the "BIJOUX" exhibition at Norton art museum, as a textile designer I am fascinated with the fact that we can use our design skills to help to improve other 
people life.  

And here are some photos of her Wonderful book:


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