Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Witch,the Lunatic and the healer

I would love to share with you a bit of why and when...
and this is how it start...

I studied fashion and textile design at Shenkar University in Israel, so I can actually say I have my first degree in knitting…

My final project at Shenkar raised a lot of questions that I am still dealing with over and over in my design path till now…In this project I started from single thread,created 3 clothing sets, and photographed them in their atmosphere locations...Can you recognize the model?

In early middle age days, 3 ladies are on a trial, 3 ladies are telling the same story or almost the same story, each one of them in a different place in a different time.
One of them is domed as a witch and raised to the fire
The second one is announced as a mental ill and sent to the mental institute, while the third one is announced as a holistic healer and the people follow her path.
And none of these ladies ever stop to ask why…

The healer photo was taken at the small community village where I live up north, and that is the most beautiful place in Israel, just by the Mediterranean Sea.

I think that as a final project for textile design, it is also raise the question of how do we treat textile in our heart and our lives, should a textile remain the second voice back stage, or can it raise to life, taking its place at the front of the stage?

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