Monday, December 30, 2013

Create your own journey

The Journey collection is all about each wearer’s personal internal journey.
It’s about exploring, growing and cherishing the people and the places
along the way that make your journey unique, powerful and meaningful.
When you carry your box of experience, you are more prepared to face
new challenges.
When you carry your beloved ones along the way, you are stronger to face
a new reality.
The designer’s signature unique weaving technique is fashioned into
patterned boxes, each hand colored with a rustic patina touch and sealed
with wax. Each attached piece of cord represents a piece of your journey,
be it a person, experience or place .
The journey collection is designed to give a real place to keep your own
personal journey note close where ever you go

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Photograph by: Michael Topyol
Makeup artist: Nathalie arnautoff
Modeling: May Zonshain for MC2

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