Monday, September 15, 2014

Fashion Illustration

As I was working toward my upcoming exhibition for Joya Barcelona jewelry design week, a dear friend of mine said " Hey, I can get you any model around the globe to model for your postcard"
it did sound like nice fiction, but then she just made it happened...
Yael Hertzog, B.O.D graduate of fashion design at "Shenkar" prestige fashion collage (2003), started her designing career from "Wizo France" high school at the department of fashion design.

During her studies at Shenkar, she chose to specialize in costume design for all Performing Arts. Since completing her studies, she designed costumes and set for some of the leading best artists and theaters all over the country.

Illustrating was a talent she began to develop on the early age of 4.
Since then through her career, illustration was always a great part of her work.
Since 2012, she leveraged her talent by taking advanced graphic courses and even developed a unique illustration technique on Photoshop
today she specializes in fashion illustration for designers, boutiques, and fashion houses all over the world. For clothing, accessories, shoes and jewelry, her services include: sketches and technical illustrations to a complete illustrated catalog or a magazine ad.

you are more then welcome to visit Yael at her own web site for more information.
enjoy her creations at her Etsy shop
or simply like her at her FB for more updates 

I am happy to share some more of her works with you here:

Inbar Shahak catalog for Bijoux exhibition at Norton art museum 
Children clothing catalog for Nukile 
Watercolor print from Yael Hertzog Etsy shop
Watercolor print from Yael Hertzog Etsy shop

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